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Legend of Indochina 10 days/ 9 nights

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Luang Prabang – Siem Reap – Ho Chi Minh City – Mekong Delta – Cu Chi Tunnel


10 days / 09 nights


Indochina tours and tour packages provided by Great Indochina Travel specialists tour operator, who are headquartered in Vietnam and run offices in Cambodia and Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. Explore the diverse wonders of Indochina, on this journey, you'll have an authentic Asian experience through three unique countries, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.





Day 1

Arrival in Luang Prabang - Half day Tour


Day 2

Luang Prabang Full Day Tour


Day 3

Luang Prabang - Pak Ou Cave - Khuangsi Water Fall


Day 4

Luang Prabang - Siem Reap 


Day 5

Siem Reap Exploration


Day 6

Siem Reap Discovery


Day 7

Siem Reap - Ho Chi Minh City


Day 8

Ho Chi Minh City - Cu Chi Tunnel - Half` day tour


Day 9

Ho Chi Minh City - Mekong Delta (My Tho) - Ho Chi Minh City


Day 10

Ho Chi Minh City - Departure




Arrival at the Luang Prabang Airport from Bangkok via flight BKKLPQ QV643 at 10.20-12.00 (supposing) Warm welcome to everybody, a moment of courtesy meeting then self-introduce with tour guide in the meeting point's Luang Prabang Airport. Welcome to Luang Prabang - the ancient capital of the Lao Kingdom, list by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites in 1995. Luang Prabang today is a small, peaceful town with a remarkably well-preserved combination of Lao and colonial French architecture, which led to UNESCO World Heritage in 1995.

Though virtually nothing of the magnificent 14th century capital of Fa Ngoum has survived the ravages of time and numerous invasions, the city is still a veritable treasure trove of beautiful temples, and historical monuments of the kingdoms that rose and fell in the centuries that followed. Please note that standard check in time is 14.00, check out at 12.00. Early check in or late check-out is subject to room availability.

Hotel would probably guarantee early check in or late checkout as an extra surcharge on depend to the rooming’s status at that time. Transfer to hotel for check-in and rest before enjoying a half day city tour in the afternoon. Afternoon, you will visit some royal temples such as:  with its roofs sweeping low to the ground, which represent the classical architecture of Luang Prabang temple; Heading out of this area, we explore some other major sights including the impressive stupa of Wat Visoun, inside you will see the stupa which is known as that Makmo because the form is like the half of Watermelon, the temple structures are decorated in various ways with gilded stuccoes and doorways. Continue to Wat Aham, which was formerly the residence of the Sangkharat (Supreme Patriarch of Lao Buddhism).

Two large banyan trees grace the grounds, which are semi deserted except for the occasional devotee who comes to make offerings to the town's most important spirit shrine at the base of the trees. Followed-up is a visit to Wat Mai - largest temple in Luang Prabang with a gorgeous atmosphere, playing the role of a temple for the royal family until 1875. Finally, you climb up to the top of the Phousi temple with 382 steps up to take a good view of the beautiful sunset, of greater Luang Prabang and Mekong rivers on surrounding. On early evening, we explore Street Night Bazaar, where you can find the lovely collection and handmade textile by local and hill tribe people surrounding Luang Prabang. Back to your hotel and free at leisure at night. Overnight in Luang Prabang.

Day 2: LUANG PRABANG FULL DAY TOUR (by A/C car, boat, elephant riding)

After breakfast, continue a full day tour around the wonderful world heritage city of Luang Phabang. It includes a motorboat trip to Tad Sae waterfall, the visit by the elephant riding of the Elephant and Adventure Camp as well as some sightseeing along the way. This trip brings you with little effort out of the city life. Discover small villages and some great nature. Pass the Tiger Trail Adventure Camp and experience the wonderful cascades of the Tad Sae waterfall. This trip is perfect for beginners. Back to your hotel and free at leisure at night. Overnight in Luang Prabang (B)


After breakfast, we enjoy an excursion by boat for along the Mekong River to visit the holly caves of Pak Ou: Tham Ting and Tham Phoum. A repository for old or damaged Buddha images that once graced household shrines, the caves of Tham Ting and Tham Phoum have become highly venerated sanctuaries. During Lao New Year boatloads of Luang Prabang residents make the 25km pilgrimage up the Mekong

River to the caves to wash the Buddha images and make merit, just opposite Mekong river’s bank is the village of Ban Xang Hai. Though for centuries the village made its living by crafting stoneware jars, more recently it has become famous for brewing particularly fiendish liquor, made from fermented sticky rice, called 'lao-lao.' Back to Luang Prabang and enjoy the Kuangsi waterfall, a beautiful spot 32 km south of town with a wide, many-tiered waterfall. Go on a trail ascends through the forest along the left side of the fall to a second tier, a large pool will appears in your eyes (swimming is available), tourists will stop here for a while, explore the fell and surroundings with lot of interests. Back to your hotel and free at leisure at night. Overnight in Luang Prabang (B)

Day 4:  LUANG PRABANG - SIEM REAP (by A/C car, plane)

This morning, check out right after breakfast, transfer to Luang Prabang airport for an international flight to Siem Reap via QV513 at 10.50-14.20. Warm welcome to everybody, a moment of courtesy meeting then self-introduce with tour guide in the meeting point's Siem Reap Airport. Welcome to Siem Reap - The Cradle of Angkor Civilization - Where Cambodian were Born, this is also a famous Archaeological City, as named as one of the seven greatest architectural wonders of the World. Covering approx. 600 sq km, it contains more than 100 fabulous ancient monuments and over dozen major compound Temples, which were built during the most splendid Era of the Khmer Dynasty between the 9th - 13th century and were the ancient capital of the Khmer Empire.

Transfer to hotel for check-in and take your time to free at leisure for your independent activities. Overnight in Siem Reap. (B)


After breakfast, enjoy a full day excursion to discover Angkor Temples. Firstly, you will visit the wonderful Angkor Thom (the Great City) including the Southern Gate, famous Bayon temple (12th century in the center of city remains one the most enigmatic temples of the Angkor group composed of 54 gothic towers decorated with 216 smiling faces of Avalokitesvara. Baphuon temple is lying just to the north of Bayon a pyramidal representation of mythical Mont Meru. Terrace of Elephants used as a giant reviewing stand for public ceremonies and served as a base for the king’s grand audience hall;

Terrace of the Leper King a plateform 7m high, on the top stands a nude though sexless statue; Phimean Akas temple means “Celestial Palace”, dedicated to Hinduism. Afternoon, visit the wonderful Angkor Wat - one of the seven greatest architectural wonders of the world, as a temple and mausoleum for King Suryavarman II at the peak of the Khmer empire in the first half of 12th. Angkor Wat is probably the best-preserved of the Angkorean temples, with a central tower surrounded by four smaller towers. The central monument represents the mythical Mount Meru, the holy mountain at the centre of the universe, which was home to the Hindu God Vishnu.

The whole complex covers 81 hectares, a rectangular wall measuring 1025 meters by 800 meters borders the inner edge of the moat, and temple's greatest sculptural treasure is its 2 km-long bas-reliefs around the walls... In the late afternoon, coming to the Phnom Bakheng temple, is the first temple in Angkor region build by the YacovarmanI King in the first of 9th century, located on a slope gently hill where thousands tourist are grouping on the hilltop to catch a memorable time of life when viewing the marvellous sunset, the distant Angkor Wat in the jungle and Tonle Sap Lake. Back to hotel and free leisure at night, Overnight in Siem Reap (B)


After breakfast, a continuing full day tour for Angkor complex. Morning, excursion to Grand Circuit, visit Pre Rup, traditionally believed to be a funerary temple, but in fact the state temple of Rajendravarman II. Mebon, architecturally and artistically superior temple-mountain. Beautifully carved false doors on upper level as well as an excellent view of the surrounding countryside. Tasom, the most distant temple on the grand circuit. Small but classic Jayavarman VII temple, Neak Pean, which means ‘coiled serpents’, from the encoiled nagas that encircled the temple.

The temple is faced by a statue of the horse, Balaha, saving drowning sailors and Preah Khan, ‘Preah Khan' means 'sacred sword'. In harmony with Ta Prohm, which was dedicated to Jayavarman VII's mother, Preah Khan is dedicated to his father. Afternoon, you will visit Thommanon, small, attractive temple in very good condition, built at the same time as Angkor Wat. It’s Angkor Wat style is most easily seen in the style of the carved apsaras and the shape of the tower, Chaosay Tevoda, it seems to stand in partnership with Thommanon but actually was built much later in Suryavarman II’s rule than Thommanon, Banteay Kdei, Srash Srong.

Then visit Kravan & especially Ta Phrom Temple, was a monastery built by Jayavarman VII as a residence for his mother. Ta Prohm has been controversially left to the destructive power of the jungle by French archeologists to show how nature can destroy man's work. It has been largely overgrown by the jungle and as you climb through the dilapidated stone structures you see many giant trees growing out of the top of the temple itself. Ta Prohm looks as many of the monuments did when European explorers first laid eyes on them. Drive back to the hotel and free time at night. Overnight in Siem Reap (B)

 Day 7: SIEM REAP- HO CHI MINH CITY (by A/C car, boat, plane)

This morning, check out right after breakfast, enjoy an interesting by boat to visit floating village of the Chong Khneas, located 10 kilometers south of Siem Reap. Take a traditional wooden boat for a ride on the Tonle Sap Rivers, the "Great Lake" of Cambodia and the largest in Asia, its extraordinary bio-diversity and hydrology make it an ecological wonder of the world, offer visitors an insight into the old tradition of riparian life and natural splendour of Cambodia.

Followed up, visit to "Les Artisans d'Angkor – Chantiers  Ecoles and doing shopping at Old Market & colonial quarter, take your time to enjoy a busy market day, communicating with the local sales and all sorts of their products. It’s quite a sight to see, to give somewhat a picture of Cambodian social living. Then transfer to Siem Reap Airport for flight to Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City by VN826 at 13.40-14.40.

Warmly welcome to everybody, a moment of courtesy meeting of the tour guide in the meeting point's Tan Son Nhat Airport. Welcome to Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City, a young city with the age of more than 300 years, a centre of culture, education, commerce and tourism of Vietnam, the biggest city of Vietnam mix with the West and the Orient, and once known as the "Pearl of Far East". Upon arrival, it would be a good time to the loveliest aspects of Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City. Photo-stop at Neo-Roman Notre Dame Cathedral - one of the most splendid and typical of the beautiful French-built churches in Ho Chi Minh city, next Municipal Post Office - Saigon's French-style main post office to admire and take photos of its nice architecture that is one of the Ho Chi Minh City’s symbolizing images.

Later, pass by Ho Chi Minh City People Committee (also the old French city hall before 1975), and Municipal Theatre built in 1899. Transfer to hotel for check in and take your time to free at leisure for your independent activities. Overnight in Ho Chi Minh City (B)


After breakfast, take an excursion to Cu Chi Tunnels located at the threshold of Saigon and adjacent to the revolutionary base, played an important role in the two wars on before 1975. Visitors will have a lot of questions as knowing that Cu Chi was an "underground village" with its labyrinth of interlaced tunnels having a combined length of more than 200 km of tunnels built here by the Communist guerillas are the highlight of South Vietnam tours. You will be guided to the bedrooms, meeting rooms, air-raid shelters, smokeless kitchens, and experience life underground during your short visit to this extraordinary tunnel complex. 

Opportunity to crawl into the tunnels for discovering and hearing all things of it, You can also try shooting with real bullets here (your own account). Return to Ho Chi Minh City. Afternoon, enjoy city tour by visiting China Town, the really typical marketplace, a good indication of the importance the Chinese have traditionally played in Vietnam's economy. Witness the bustling Binh Tay Wholesales Market where the most Oriental typical commercial center, continuing to visit a Chinese Lady Temple of over 150 years, with the legendary story of the ancient boat-men refugees from mainland China during the feudal dynasties, which are illustrated via an impress collection of Chinaware and porcelain masterpieces.

Followed up, visit Reunification Palace – a symbol of Saigon old Government before 1975, (also called former President Palace) to learn the sorrowful historic of Vietnam Ideology War from 1954-1975, then drive slowly along a historical boulevard which the impressive buildings as the old US Embassy the Prime Ministerial building and many more, there are like the historical witnesses to the ups and downs, political upheavals of a Nation and its generations. Left time is saved for you to do shopping at Ben Thanh Market - a most typical market of Vietnam, with how many things are available for your choice: jewelry, gold and silvers items, silk, lacquer-ware, woodcarving, ready-made clothes... 

All at extremely attractive price. Back to the hotel and free leisure at hotel, Overnight in Ho Chi Minh City (B)

 Day 9: HO CHI MINH CITY - MEKONG RIVER / MY THO  (by A/C car 70km, motor-boat, rowing-boat)

After breakfast, take an interesting excursion to Mekong Rivers, overland 70 kilometres to My Tho town - the "Gateway of Mekong  River and its Delta", short stopover at Cao Dai Temple in Ben Luc town, a very specific religion of countrymen in Mekong Delta which combines Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism and Confucianism, and native Vietnamese spiritualism. Mekong Delta - the rice granary of Vietnam and has vast areas of durian, mango, rambutan and other delicious tropical fruit trees. Arrival My Tho and transfer to the bank of Mekong River, take a motor river-boat which to be rent exclusively for the group then crossing the Upper River and cruising along Tan Long Peninsula, 

Let’s enjoy this golden moment to relax the verdant luxuriant sceneries of the watery region, taste very fresh coconut milk, disembark and visit a island, stop-over a handicraft village that produces house-hold items from materials of coconut trees. Walking on the quite country roads, you will reach to local lush orchards, taste delicious fresh fruits, drink hot tea with honey during the traditional melodies and folk music surround you.

From here you can observe the life of the Mekong River Delta, the main source of rice and many other agricultural products of Vietnam. Enjoy also a short Tilbury carriage tour on the village road. Take boat trip along the canal network with a bit of adventure mood in Ben Tre Province to visit a bee farm and then a coconut candy workshop. Till now rivers and artificial canals are an important circulation system of the Mekong Delta. After that, take boats to come back to My Tho city.  Lunch will be served in a local restaurant with the specialties of the Delta. (See supplement) Drive then back to Ho Chi Minh City.

Back to hotel and take your time to free at leisure for your independent activities. Overnight in Ho Chi Minh City (B)


Today, check out right after breakfast then transfer to Tan Son Nhat airport for a flight back home. Have a safe trip back home! It’s timely, you have to say Good-Bye Laos-Cambodia-Vietnam. You surely have plentiful memories of Orient also my country. We (Toan Vinh Tours) thank you very much for your choice of our company as your ground handler in Vietnam and may be Indochina countries on further, be sure all our people are your best friends always and beyond.

May we will meet and honored welcome you have other voyages to Indochina in the days coming, continuing to discover, to experience the endless imposing landscapes, and then get the restful moments in a diversified World and a colorful Sub region of Mekong River: GOOD-BYE & SEE YOU AGAIN! (B)



* Hotel accommodation with daily breakfast basing on Double/Twin-shared room

Local English speaking tour guide, other language tour guides are available up on requests

Private transportation with A/C

* Meals as mentioned in the program (without drinks): Breakfast, Lunch, Diner

* Bottled drinking water (02 bottles/person/day)


Airfare (international and domestic) and airport tax

* Visa arrangement

* Early check-in, late check-out surcharge

* Other meals not mentioned in the tour program

Drinks at restaurants and personal expenses

* Any services not mentioned in the program


* Hotel accommodation with daily breakfast basing on Double/Twin-shared room

* Local English speaking tour guide, other language tour guides are available up on requests

* Private transportation with A/C

* Meals as mentioned in the program (without drinks): B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner

* All entrance fees as program

* Boat trip as program mentioned.

* Bottles of mineral water on bus on the day tour.


* Airfare (international and domestic) and airport tax

* Visa stamping fee into Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia 

* Early check-in, late check-out surcharge

* Other meals not mentioned in the tour program

* Drinks at restaurants and personal expenses

*. Any services not mentioned in the program

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